While you’re recovering from Achilles tendon surgery, your foot’s range of motion will decrease. Once the tissue is healed enough to begin physical therapy, however, you can slowly regain it back. An early repair is key, however. The sooner you complete the surgery and begin your physical therapy, the more function will be restored to the limb. One study even suggested that “early motion”—early therapy to move the ankle and the Achilles shortly after surgery—followed by regular physical therapy helps restore the majority of your pre-injury strength and flexibility in just a few months.

Rehabilitation after surgery is crucial for a full recovery. Our expert physicians, Dr. Brandon S. Percival, Dr. Julie A. Percival, and Dr. William Harris will see you through both the surgery and the critical follow-up care. Contact Carolina Podiatry Group in Lancaster and Indian Land, SC, for an appointment to take care of your lower limbs the right way. Just call (803) 285-1411 for the Lancaster office, or (803) 548-FEET feet for the Indian Land location.

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