Flat feet in children are actually quite common. It takes time for your child’s arch to develop, and some feet take longer to grow than others. The tissues that hold the bones together may be loose, too, allowing the arch to spread and flatten. Many children develop an arched midfoot as they get older and their feet mature. Sometimes, however, the arches never form and your child has naturally flat feet. This can be completely painless for some children and uncomfortable for others. Whether the condition needs treatment or just to be monitored will largely depend on your son or daughter’s discomfort.

Occasionally a more serious problem than a naturally low midfoot can lead to flat feet in children. Tarsal coalition is a problem of two separate tarsal bones fusing together. This creates a stiff, flat midfoot that can be very uncomfortable for a child. No matter what the source of the flat feet, though, if it’s causing pain, your child needs to be treated. Let Carolina Podiatry Group help with that. Use our website or call to make an appointment with us: (803) 285-1411 for Lancaster, SC, or (803) 548-FEET for Indian Land, SC.

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