Because diabetes weakens your immune system and causes poor blood flow, your body’s natural healing process is inhibited. In addition, nerve damage can keep you from knowing an ulcer is forming. This means a wound can go unnoticed and worsen, leading to dangerous infections and even amputation. If you have a diabetic ulcer, seek help immediately. Pay attention to any changes in your feet, and at the first signs of trouble, call us at Carolina Podiatry Group, Inc. The sooner wound care begins, the better chance you have of avoiding serious complications.

We will examine and clean the ulcer, and remove any dead tissue, a procedure called debridement. Your foot will then be treated with medication and bandaged. “Off-loading” will follow, meaning you will need to take pressure off of the area and not bear weight on it.

If you have diabetes and have discovered an ulcer on your foot, call us at Carolina Podiatry Group, Inc. in SC right away. You can reach us at (803) 548-FEET in Indian Land.

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