Although many people think they are slightly different, in reality there is no difference between a fracture and a break. A fractured bone is a broken bone. One is not worse than the other. You develop this injury when something forces the hard tissue past the weight or strain it can support, causing it to snap. The damage can range from a simple crack to more serious, multiple-fracture damage. The ends of the bone can either stay in place or get bumped out of alignment.

To be able to heal correctly, the bones have to be aligned well and held still enough to recover and grow back together. Most likely this will mean wearing a special boot or a cast for several weeks while your foot recovers. The extent of the problem will depend on how serious the original break was. The more serious the fracture, the longer it will take to heal. Let our team at Carolina Podiatry Group help you deal with broken bones in your foot. Make an appointment right away by calling directly: (803) 548-FEET for Indian Land or (803) 285-1411 for Lancaster.

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