The Lancaster Runs! running club has a program “Couch to 5k” that is centered on helping new runners get moving with a smart, progressive approach to training. This is awesome to see, because a lot of individuals who are new to running try to tackle “too much, too soon.” That can be a recipe for disaster by leading to heel spur pain (or other injuries) that quickly discourages them from sticking with the healthy practice.

In the event that you experience the intermittent or chronic pain that can come with a heel spur, some simple tips to help include:

  • Stretching exercises – Exercises that stretch the plantar fascia and calf muscles are key for helping to alleviate the heel pain you are experiencing. If you need specific recommendations, our foot doctors can provide ones that are right for you.
  • Weight management – Applying less force, which is dictated by weight, to your feet is always a smart move and will decrease the symptoms that come with a heel spur. This is also an excellent lifestyle choice for a wide range of reasons.
  • Footwear changes – You will stand to benefit from wearing shoes that properly cradle your heel, provide shock, and have ample cushioning. If this does not describe the features for your current shoes, it is time for a change.
  • Shoe inserts – In addition to supportive footwear, you might find that inserts help the condition. There are options you can find at virtually any store or pharmacy, but keep in mind that we can also provide you with custom orthotics for your unique feet.

When it comes time for professional care to alleviate the pain that can accompany a heel spur, Carolina Podiatry Group is here for you! Our podiatrists are ready to provide the care you need, even if it comes down to a surgical procedure. You can always take comfort in the fact that we are staffed with knowledgeable, expert professionals who care about your health. Schedule your appointment today by calling (803) 285-1411 for our Lancaster, SC office or (803) 548-FEET (3338) for our Indian Land office.

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