Summer might be wrapping up, but the Finally Friday Summer Concert Series is still going strong! On September 26, enjoy a free performance by The Undercover Band from 6 – 10 pm at Pecan Park in Lancaster, SC. If you’re a little hesitant to dance amongst the crowd for fear of a foot injury, we can put your mind at ease. Knowledge is power, so knowing the difference between broken bones or an ankle sprain can help you decide what to do—just in case the crowd gets crazy!

Sprains occur when ligaments are over-stretched or torn, impeding their ability to hold our bones in place and stabilize the ankle. Symptoms include pain, swelling, tenderness, bruising, and instability. Fractures, on the other hand, involve your bones and can range from a tiny crack to a full-fledged break. They are equally as painful, and need medical attention to ensure proper healing. Your best bet is to visit Carolina Podiatry Group, Inc. so that we can determine the type and severity of your injury through use of an X-ray or MRI. The RICE method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) is recommended to relieve pain, limit inflammation, and speed healing. For serious sprains and broken bones you will need to wear a boot or a cast to immobilize the ankle and keep you from bearing weight on it.

While we can’t control the dance crowd, we can offer these prevention tips: Build your ankle strength with stretches and exercises, wear properly fitting shoes, and eat a well-balanced diet. Make sure you warm up prior to activity, and stay away from uneven surfaces. Follow these tips and you should be able to dance the night away with no problem. If something should happen, though, at least now you know what to do! Contact Brandon Percival, DPM, Julie Percival, DPM, and William Harris IV, DPM by calling (803) 548-FEET in Indian Land, or (803) 285-1411 in Lancaster, SC. Whether an ankle sprain, fracture, or any other foot problem, we can help you heal without skipping a beat!

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