Minimal Incision Surgery For Bunions

So this is Ms. White and today we’re going to talk about minimal incision bunion surgery. Ms. White decided that she wanted to have it done since she didn’t want to have very visible scars and have a bunion corrected. So if you can come in and look at her feet and you can see that the the left foot and the right foot was similar in the beginning and you can see on this right side, here, this is after her bunion has been corrected with these three small incisions here, versus having a big long incision that we typically make to correct the bunion. So I’ll have Ms. White stand up and we’ll look at it with her standing. As you can see the toe still stays in the straight alignment. Now you can see that the bump on the inside is not sticking out, can you come up on your toes Ms. White? That hurt any?


All right, okay you can have a seat Ms. Whte. And if we look at her x-rays here you can see the before, and you can see the after. So just two small screws. Ms. White, would you recommend minimal incision bunion surgery?

Yes I do. I do recommend it. It wasn’t a long process, it took me less of time to heal from the process of the surgery, so, yes i do recommend it to other people.

All right, thank you.

Ms. White

Ms. Caldwell Thanks Dr. Harris After Her Midfoot Fusion Procedure

This Ms. Caldwell, we’re talking about posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. We’ve had a couple of videos on that but what it is the main tendon that goes behind your ankle no longer works which is what causes a flat foot. Miss Caldwell suffered from that for a couple of years, she had undergone a couple of surgeries and then we ended up having to do a revision of reconstruction and a midfoot fusion on her. So a lot of patients will avoid things when they hear fusions but I wanted Miss Caldwell to give a testimonial of how fusion can be beneficial and whether it can help you with your pain. So miss Caldwell, I know you had undergone a couple surgeries for realignment and that didn’t quite help and those weren’t able to hold your arch up so what was your experience in having a fusion?

The experience was wonderful thank you again Dr. Harris. My whole life has changed, I’m able to wear shoes, I don’t have any pain, no swelling. I’m not 110% back to normal but I am pain-free and I thank this for Dr. Harris and thank God because when I walked in his office he saw the pain in my face. It was just like I wanted to cry but I hold my tears, but he saw the pain like I said in my face, and I just thank him for making my life better and better. Thank you.

I appreciate it, I said it’s not me, it’s God I’m just a vessel so that’s right but I appreciate you allowing us to care for you know I just want to update people you know I have a lot of patients that are reserved about having fusion so I wanted you to share your experience and hopefully others can have the same experience. Thank you.

Thank you Dr. Harris.

Ms. Caldwell

Our Patient Describes The Benefits Of Her Orthotics and Shares A Tip With Us

So this is Mrs. T Fun and we’ve been treating her for plantar fasciitis for a while and we got to the point where we weren’t getting anywhere with anti-inflammatories and steroid injections so we finally got approval for her to get custom orthotics and she taught us some neat little tricks about orthotics and we wanted to share this with you all. So custom orthotics are made to rebalance your foot when there are imbalances from genetics in the way you grow and have developed from your parents. So in order to rebalance that the inserts you get have to be custom, the over-the-counters that anybody can wear are just like reading glasses, they’re only going to amplify things. But Mrs. T Fun showed us a fun trick to make your thought is cool so your feet don’t sweat so you take your sock and you put it over top of your orthotic and now it’s like walking on socks. So you don’t have to see the socks on your skin and you can still show off your ankles and be fancy that’s right so Ms. T Fun you want to show tell everybody how your orthotics feel and what benefits you notice from them

So after suffering with plantar fasciitis since last April I came in and saw Dr. Harris and, I like I said, went through the anti-inflammatories. I got three steroid shots and it still just was not working. I also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis and he recommended getting the custom orthotics and so I did and, basically, like they make molds of your teeth, they basically just make a mold of your foot and they send it off and it comes back and it’s perfectly molded for my foot. Since ordering the orthotics and wearing them every day for the last couple of months I literally have no foot pain at all. I’ve taught for 23 years and so I’m on my feet every day and I always would come home with sore feet and I don’t come home with sore feet anymore. The orthotics has balanced it out and my feet are not sore, I don’t have the plantar fasciitis pain anymore. I’ve tried to fit the orthotics in the sandals, I’m trying to wear them as much as I can because now I want to wear them all the time they feel fabulous on my feet. My feet feel so good it’s probably the best investment that I’ve made in a very long time.

I’m surprised T Fun, this is her short name, is even sharing this because she couldn’t stand me when she first met because I would make it hurt every time she came it was painful but now I think we’re on good terms. So yes but I would encourage everyone if you have orthotics to try her trick she taught me something with this and I guess that’s why you’re a teacher!

T. Fun

Our Patient Was Pain Free After Amniotic Injection Therapy For Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

“Today we’re going to talk about amniotic therapy for tendonitis. We have Ms. Hood here, she’s had posterior tibial tendon dysfunction for a very long time, we’ve tried just about everything, shoes, inserts. This is Brittney here, my compadre, my right hand, as you can see, Brittney has the brace that Ms. Hood’s been in for a while and she still wasn’t getting better. She also been in a boot and because she wasn’t getting better and didn’t want to have surgery we decided to do some amniotic injection therapy to help her tendon heal. So Ms. Hood, how long had you been dealing with this?”
“About 4 years.”

“About 4 years, and it’s just been miserable?”

“Yes yes, and I couldn’t walk.”

“Couldn’t walk at all.”

“Just turning my foot to the side, trying to walk.”

“And how was undergoing the injection for you?”


“And you’re how far from the injection now?”

“About 2 months.”

“And how much pain are you in?”


“So four years, and then two months after the injection, no pain?”

“No pain!”

“You sure?”

“I’m positive!”

“Would you do it again?”

“Yes I would.”

“Well thank you guys, this has been Brittney and Ms. Hood, myself Dr. Harris and we just wanted to update you on amniotic therapy. Thank you.”

Ms. Hood

After Over A Year Of Pain, Our Patient’s Daily Routine Is Getting Back To Normal

“(I am looking forward to) Doing yard work and walking especially to get my A1C down, but when I came here, like we said, I’d been doing it for about a year, trying to get this fixed and it never would heal. Then we came here, and Dr. O’Hara and her staff did worked on it and then we had surgery and they did an excellent job. I always felt like I was in the best of hands while I was here. I feel better, I’m, healed up now, I’m going to go home this afternoon and help mow the yard and start walking tomorrow morning.”Chuck

Client Testimonial After Amniotic Treatment To Treat Arthritis

This is Ms.Hamill and she’s had very severe arthritis in the middle of her foot which is probably one of the most difficult types of arthritis to treat, because you don’t have many options. She’s had over six years of treatment, cortisone shots and everything you can name, every anti-inflammatory, pain creams and she wasn’t getting better. So we decided to do some amniotic injections which are harvested from a placenta and they give your body the ability to regenerate tissue. So Ms. Hammil how many would you mind sharing your experience?

It’s great, it’s the best thing that’s happened to me in six years. Truly, I would walk two steps and my foot would be in agony and now nothing hurts. I couldn’t be happier.

All right well I’m glad we could help you. Spread the word on amniotic injections.

Ms. Hamill

Another happy patient

“I just can’t say enough good things about the staff and Dr. Brandon Percival. I had bunion surgery by Dr. Percival. I’ve had little to no pain and I’m extremely happy with the results! I would recommend him to anyone!”

-Linda Copeland

Custom orthotics result in happy feet for patient

“I came in with pain in my feet. I was hurting and I could hardly walk. I saw Dr. Harris and he told me about custom orthotics. When I got my custom orthotics I had no more pain in my feet. I was so happy they worked for me. I thank God for new feet! They work great.”

-Etta Williams

Is my toe broken or sprained?

Toe injuries are common, but it’s not always obvious whether the problem is a sprain or a fracture. Both conditions can result in pain, swelling, stiffness, bruising, and discoloration, and sometimes a sprain can “mask” a more serious break underneath, leaving you to wonder, “Is my toe broken or sprained?” Here are some signs to help you tell the difference:

While sprained toes usually still can be moved and flexed (albeit with pain), broken toes usually won’t move at all (or at least not very much). Broken toes are also more likely to cause numbness or tingling, more likely to cause bleeding, and more likely to cause “unusual” symptoms like disorientation or faintness. Symptoms don’t usually improve as quickly, either, so if swelling and pain remains intense after more than 48 hours, a break is likely.

Of course, if the toe is misaligned or deformed, that’s an obvious sign that you’re dealing with something much worse than a sprain.

When a toe injury occurs, don’t mess around. Dial Carolina Podiatry Group at 803-285-1411 or toll-free at 888-569-9559 to set up an appointment. We’ll set you up with an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan tailored for your unique circumstances.