Swift is the pioneering new microwave therapy for skin. With treatment times in seconds, Swift provides Podiatrists and Dermatologists with a new, precise and easy way of treating soft tissue lesions.

Introducing Swift®: Microwave Therapy for Skin

The four key differences that Swift offers Clinicians are:

  • Consistency – a repeatable treatment with predictable outcomes
  • Cleanliness – no smoke, no post-procedural dressing
  • Convenience – the potential for much shorter appointment times*
  • Confidence – visit our clinical research page to find out about independent research using Swift

Treat with Confidence

Our aim is to give Clinicians more confidence in the tools they use to improve patient satisfaction. We understand that Clinicians spend years training, improving their skills and building trust within a community – and we have developed a product that will help deliver on this commitment.
A Treatment for Professional Clinics

Swift is a treatment for forward-thinking, professional clinics. Emblation has invested time and money in developing the Swift platform to innovate where others couldn’t – to create a treatment with the goals of improved efficacy, patient satisfaction, and value for money.

Swift is the combination of:

  • Significant private investment and support from the Scottish Government
  • Thousands of hours of listening, watching, and learning from College of Podiatry registered Podiatrists and a number of the UK’s leading Dermatologists
  • Lengthy independent clinical testing in the field
  • More than 6 years of continuous research and development
  • More than 60 years combined experience in medical device development at the senior management level alone

*when compared with dry needling, electrocautery, and laser