When was the last time you wore sandals? Were you embarrassed? Did large calluses or plantar warts leave you ashamed of showing off your feet?

You are on your feet every day. With the friction of walking, poor fitted shoes, and exposure to fungus, your feet are at a constant risk of developing a nail or skin condition that could cause you embarrassment or pain. With help from our compassionate team of podiatrists, we give you the treatments needed to banish those unsightly and painful nail or skin conditions.

Treatment for Common Skin and Nail Conditions

Unlike the nails on your hands or the skin on the rest of your body, your feet are exposed to unique risks. Going to salons, showering in a public shower without wearing sandals, or choosing poorly fitted shoes can wreak havoc on the skin and nails on your feet.

Here are a few of the most common conditions we can help you treat:

Nail Fungus

Nail fungus causes your toenails to look discolored. When you have a fungal infection, your nails will thicken, leaving you ashamed to show off your toes.

At Carolina Podiatry Group, we use laser services and Keryflex treatments to restore the look of your nails. With these advanced solutions, you get safe, comfortable, and effective care. With the help of our podiatrists, you will regain pride in your toes so that you can walk with confidence.

Ingrown Toenails

Did you cut your toenail too short? Was your toenail squished inside a pointy shoe, causing it to grow into your skin?

Ingrown toenails are painful. If not treated, they can get infected, causing you tremendous pain. If you have an ingrown toenail or if you notice redness around your toenail, talk to a podiatrist. We will help you gently repair the growth course of the nail.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection that affects the skin on your feet. It is highly contagious, which means if you ever shower in a public facility or walk barefoot around the pool, you could contract the fungus without realizing it. Keeping your feet in a damp area, such as in a sweaty shoe, could worsen the condition.

If you have chronic burning, tingling, and pain on the skin in your feet, you might have athlete’s foot. Talk to your podiatrist about topical medications and treatment options.

Corns and Calluses

Do you walk a lot for your job? Do your shoes ever rub the sides or soles of your feet? If so, you create tremendous friction. This friction could lead to corns (which occur on your toes) or calluses (which occur on the bottom of your feet).

Corns and calluses are patches of small, hard skin. They form to help protect your feet. Instead, they can often cause you pain or a burning sensation. With treatment from a podiatrist, you can remove these hard patches of skin correctly, without risk of infection.

Plantar Warts

Do you have small growths on the bottom of your feet? These are probably plantar warts. They are non-cancerous, but they can be painful and embarrassing. As they worsen without treatment, they could impact your ability to walk properly. This could lead to a host of other foot and ankle concerns, such as added pressure on your ankles or a change in your posture.

At Carolina Podiatry Group, we use a laser to comfortably remove the warts, giving you comfort in your feet again.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer of the foot can initially appear as reoccuring bleeding or cracking of the feet. Unlike other areas of the body that are more often exposed to the sun, cancers of the foot can be caused by viruses, chemical exposure or chronic inflamation or irritation. If you discover a new mole or patch of the skin that is irregular, it is in your best interest to have a professional examine the affected area.


Eczema affects the feet in the form of small blisters, which are generally itchy. It can be caused by exposure to certain metals, excessive sweat, allergies, fungal infection and even stress. Treatment typically involves topical creams but it is best to consult with your podiatrist to find a solution that is right for you.


Dermatitis of the foot is often caused by an allergy or irritant that can causes a number of symptoms including, itchness, redness, rash, bumps, blisters and more. If diagnosed with dermatitis, it is adviseable to switching your footware and monitoring which substances make contact with your feet. Our podiatrists can help narrow down the causes of dermatitis and help allieviate the problem.


Psoriasis tends to manifest itself as a scaly, red rash but different types of psoriasis exist. The condition is caused by one’s immune system and can be treated at home with over the counter topical medications. Those who are unable to treat psoriasis at home are encouraged to contact our office to consult with our podiatrists.

Don’t Let Embarrassment Stop You From Seeing a Podiatrist for Skin and Nail Problems

Don’t avoid seeing a podiatrist because you’re embarrassed. Our safe and effective treatment options for nail and skin problems make getting healthy feet easy and comfortable. Call us today to schedule your appointment.