Shoes are important.

We know, obvious, right? But maybe not in the same way that someone with a walk-in closet filled with dozens of pairs for every fashion and taste might think. A podiatrist—that’s a medical doctor who focuses on issues of the feet and ankles—knows that finding shoes that fit, offer the right amount of support and cushioning, and are appropriate for your activity are important. Bad shoes can lead to chronic issues.

Haglund’s Deformity From Shoes

One such issue is Haglund’s deformity. There’s a reason this condition is also popularly known as pump bump—it tends to occur most commonly in women fond of pumps, usually heeled shoes with a firm, rigid back.

The problem is friction. A tough shoe back rubs against, and puts pressure on, the back of the heel bone, and in defensive response, a bony enlargement of the heel bone begins to form. Sandwiched between the shoe and the bony growth, the heel bursa (a fluid-filled sac that acts as a cushion between tendon and bone) becomes inflamed and painfully swollen.

Although it’s called “pump bump,” pumps are far from the only shoes that can lead to this sort of condition. Any shoe with a rigid back, behind the heel, can lead to the same problems, especially if the shoe doesn’t fit properly. Many men’s dress shoes fit that criteria, along with some boots. Even ice skates or roller blades might have the same effect.

While we don’t want to tell you can never wear your favorite dress shoes, remember that these are “sometimes” footwear, and that you should never risk your long-term health in the name of fashion. Your primary shoes should be something comfortable and breathable with flexible uppers, good cushioning and support for the arch and heel, and plenty of wiggle room for toes. As much damage as the wrong pair of shoes can cause, the right pair can allow you to live an active, healthy lifestyle without pain.

Our Podiatrists Can Help You With Your Foot Pain

If you’re experiencing a case of Haglund’s deformity or any other chronic foot problems, please call Carolina Podiatry Group for an examination. In addition to helping you find the right pair of shoes, we also offer comprehensive medical care for a wide range of conditions. The earlier you seek help, the more likely we can address your issues without surgery. To schedule your appointment, dial 888-569-9559 today.

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