Good news for vegans! Starbucks just upped-the-ante on its non-dairy options this year—the company announced that it will be providing coconut milk as a soy and dairy alternative for their beverages. Starting Tuesday, February 17, you can order their single origin milk alternative for an extra 60 cents. Coconut milk is a great dairy alternative that helps you get your required serving of calcium to build strong bones and prevent stress fractures.

Stress fractures are important to prevent because a crack in the bone can lead to a full fracture. Both of these injuries are serious, painful, and take quite some time to heal. If you’re not careful, a re-injury of the bone during the healing process could cause arthritis or changes to your walking style that can lead to more foot problems down the road. Here’s some more ways to prevent stress fractures:

  • If you’re starting a new workout program at the gym or just deciding to take up running again, gradually increase the intensity by 10 percent each week. Overuse is one of the main causes of stress fractures.
  • Kale, orange Juice, and tofu are all surprising sources of calcium for strong bones. You can also eat some oatmeal or, brace yourself, sardines and seaweed, to increase your intake. Getting enough Vitamin D in your diet is important as well.
  • Make sure you have the proper footwear. Never work out in old or worn shoes.
  • Low-impact activities can help you cross train and condition your body for different types of activities. Try running one day and swimming the next.

If any type of swelling or pain returns after you’ve tried to treat your stress fracture, call Dr. Brandon Percival, Dr. Julie Percival, and Dr. William Harris for help at (803) 548-FEET (3338) in Indian Land. Carolina Podiatry Group can also be found on Facebook and Pinterest!

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