The Color Run is coming to nearby Charlotte, NC! On Saturday, November 1, runners will gather at Charlotte Motor Speedway and get ready for a rainbow of running fun! You have to be at the starting line by 6 AM, but if you’re already seeing the color red on your feet, you better beware of blisters! Taking some prior precautions will help you get to the finish line pain-free.

Why does this happen in the first place? Well, when you train for running races, you are logging a lot of miles with hot and sweaty feet rubbing against your shoes. This combination of heat, moisture, and friction provides the perfect conditions for blisters to form. When they do, your training suffers. Blisters can be painful and sideline you for some time. Luckily, you can prevent running blisters from forming from the start! Here’s how:

Drink up. Staying hydrated will minimize swelling in your feet, making them less likely to rub and become irritated by your shoes. Wear moisture-wicking socks and, while you’re at it, wear two pairs! Doubling up your socks gives you an added layer of protection between friction and your skin. If you have hot spots on your feet that are prone to blisters, be proactive and place moleskin, bandages, or tape on the areas before damage is done. You can also try foot powders made to keep blisters at bay. Douse your feet before hitting the pavement or trails.

Make sure your shoes fit properly too. This may be the number one way to prevent running blisters. Footwear should not be too tight or too loose. A good rule of thumb is to use your thumb! The width of it should be how much room is between your longest toe and the front of your shoe.

To recap, before you head out for a run, drink lots of water, powder and tape your feet, slide on a couple pairs of breathable socks, and put on your properly fitting shoes. Now you’re ready for some color run fun!

For more ways to prevent running blisters or other painful problems, call Brandon Percival, DPM, William Harris IV, DPM, and Julie Percival, DPM, of Carolina Podiatry Group. You can reach us at (803) 285-1411 in Lancaster, SC, or (803) 548-FEET in Indian Land.

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