High arches can be a painful nuisance. Although healthy feet come in many shapes and sizes and not all people with high arches will need treatment or special accommodations, the condition is unfortunately associated with pain, stiffness, and increased likelihood of sustaining injuries or developing deformities such as ankle sprains, hammertoes or claw toes, or drop foot (which is the inability to raise the front of the foot). That’s because this foot type tends to be less flexible and worse at absorbing shocks than others, as well as less inherently stable, leading to ankle injuries.

Fortunately, even if your high arches are causing you pain and irritation, you do have options to help you manage your discomfort and better protect yourself against complications. Even better: most of these options are relatively simple and conservative.

The primary goal of non-surgical treatment is to support, cushion, and protect the foot using tools or modifications to your footwear. High-topped shoes and bracing, for example, help support your ankle and keep it stable. Probably the best treatment, though, is custom orthotics. These are specially molded to fit your exact foot shape, and are designed to provide precisely what you need—whether that’s more support for your arch, stability for your ankle, cushioning for your sole to help you absorb impacts, or some combination of all three.

We will always exhaust conservative options before moving to a more aggressive phase of treatment. However, if gentler options are not able to relieve your pain or prevent injury to a satisfactory degree, we may consider surgery. We’ll make sure to discuss the options with you thoroughly and select a procedure that makes the most sense for your physical condition, as well as your personal needs and goals.

Don’t sit and suffer in silence with high arch pain is keeping you from the things you love! Foot pain is not normal, and you have many options to make it better. Let Carolina Podiatry Group help you get back on your feet. To schedule an appointment at one of our three offices, give us a call at 888-569-9559.

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