Everyday we get dressed. We grab our clothes, dig around in our closets for shoes and quickly grab a pair of socks from the drawer. While we spend more time picking out our outfits and making sure our shoes match perfectly, we don’t put much emphasis on a pair of socks. In fact, the majority of our teenage population make it a priority for their socks not to match. But…did you know that by not putting some thought in to a suitable pair of socks could actually be doing you harm?

Picking the Right Socks

There are several things you should consider when picking out the right pair of socks. The fibers your socks are made of can play a big role in foot health. Never wear socks that are 100% cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture but doesn’t move it away. Better choices are cool max, acrylic, polypropylene, wool or just stick to a blend. Cutting down on moisture can help in fighting off the dreaded foot & toenail fungus or bacterial & yeast infections. Another thing to look for is how padded the sock is. In a study scientists found that men who wore a heavily padded sock compared to a single layer sock had a decrease in blisters by nearly 30%. Last but definitely not least, make sure your socks fit properly. Excess material on any part of your sock could cause friction which could lead to blisters or even ulcers. I’ll finish with one more piece of advice I like to give my diabetic patients about socks. Try to wear white or light colored socks. This way, if you do have a blister or ulcer that has any drainage it will show up and from there you can seek proper medical treatment.

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