It might be tempting to think that if something does not hurt, it must not be a problem. After all, we are used to associating pain with health problems of various kinds. If we are not in pain, we figure that we must be okay. But when it comes to sores on your feet, that may not be true at all—especially if you have diabetes.

That’s because diabetes can lead to nerve damage which can lead to a loss of sensation in your foot. That means you could have a serious problem even though you are not experiencing any pain.

The nerve damage can also limit your body’s ability to heal from small wounds. Instead of healing, otherwise minor issues like blisters, cracks caused by dry skin, or even splinters can become ulcers and lead to infection. In the worst cases, those infections can make it necessary to amputate your foot.

Every Wound Needs Attention If You Are Diabetic

We simply cannot emphasize this enough: If you notice a wound of any kind on your foot, even if you are not in any pain, you need to see a doctor right away. Every day that you wait to address the problem, your risk of infection increases—as does the risk that amputation will become necessary.

We Are Ready to Treat the Sores on Your Feet

At InStride Carolina Podiatry Group, we have the expertise to kick-start the healing of sores on your feet so that they do not develop into more serious issues. But of course, we can only help if you come in to see us so that we can diagnose and treat the issue. If you have diabetes, do not fool yourself into believing that a sore on your foot is no big deal if it isn’t painful. Every wound is dangerous—and the result of not getting immediate medical care can be catastrophic. Contact us right away if you notice sores on your feet.

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