If you have diabetes, it is essential to make a self-foot exam part of your daily routine. Nerve damage associated with the disease can cause wounds to go unnoticed, and poor circulation inhibits their healing. As a result, dangerous infections can set in and lead to serious complications like gangrene or even amputation.

The key to preventing this from happening is thoroughly checking your feet every day. Look for any abrasions, redness, or warm areas. Keep an eye out for blisters, ingrown toenails that can become infected, fungal nails that can spread, and dry skin that can crack. Use a mirror for hard-to-see spots. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, contact Carolina Podiatry Group right away. The sooner you treat a problem, the better chance you have of preventing it from becoming serious.

For more tips on diabetic foot care, contact us at (803) 285-1411 in Lancaster, SC, or dial (803) 548-FEET in Indian Land.

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