Whether surgery is right for your bunion or not depends on your unique feet. Several factors can help you decide to either choose bunion surgery or stick to conservative treatments. In most cases, noninvasive care is very successful for alleviating pain and managing the deformity’s progression. Orthotics, shoe changes, padding, and even physical therapy can all benefit you. These methods don’t work for everyone, however.

Surgery for a bunion is usually reserved for feet that aren’t responding to conservative methods. This means you’ve tried noninvasive treatment for some time, but you still have pain and may not be able to wear many of your regular shoes. You’ll probably have swelling and notice your big toe slanting toward your other toes or find that you cannot walk well and struggle to perform normal daily tasks as the deformity worsens. If any of these symptoms describe your painful bump, you’d probably benefit from a bunion procedure.

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