Flat feet characteristics are typically distinct and easy to identify. The most telling factor is when you stand or walk. If you have flat feet, the middle of your foot—your arch—will flatten out. It may roll inward when you take a step, too. Other characteristics include a heel that may appear to point outward at the ankle and a flexible, even floppy, midfoot. You may also have tight calf muscles, which affect your biomechanics and flatten the arches.

Not everyone develops pain from their flat feet, but discomfort can be a sign of the condition. Your lower limbs may fatigue more easily. Typically the arch aches, though you may also have uncomfortable calves, insides of the ankles, and outer sides of the feet. If you’re concerned you have flat feet, or are experiencing lower limb pain, let Carolina Podiatry Group help you. Contact our Lancaster and Indian Land offices by calling—(803) 285-1411 for Lancaster, or (803) 548-FEET for Indian Land—or by using our website.

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