When a child has heel pain, the most common cause is Sever’s disease. There are a few give-away symptoms that can help you identify the condition. Sever’s disease causes pain and tenderness at the back of the heel that is made worse by activity, particularly sports. Resting typically relieves much of the pain. The back of the foot is often sensitive to the touch, such as squeezing the sides of the heel. That area may appear red and swollen as well. Your child might also have tight calves and possibly restricted range of motion in the ankle as a result of the ailment.

All of this can make it difficult for your child to walk. He or she may limp from discomfort after being active, or resist participating in sports and games he or she would normally enjoy to prevent the pain. Beyond evaluating these symptoms, our team at Carolina Podiatry Group can use diagnostic tools and tests to rule out conditions like stress fractures and confirm Sever’s disease. Let us help your family get accurate care. Contact our South Carolina offices through the website or by calling: (803) 285-1411 for Lancaster, or (803) 548-FEET for Indian Land.

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