Clubfoot is a common lower limb deformity for babies, so many treatments have developed over the years to eliminate it. Conservative methods are highly successful when started early enough. Typically, specialists like our team at Carolina Podiatry Group start not long after your baby is born. We evaluate the extent of the condition, then begin therapy. The most common method uses a combination of stretching, manipulating, and casting the feet to straighten out the clubbed one.

First we gently stretch and manipulate your child’s foot into a straighter position. Then the limb is casted into place. After roughly a week, the cast is removed and the process repeated. This continues until the foot is straight and stays in a normal position. At this point, some children need a minor procedure to lengthen their Achilles tendons. Afterwards a final cast is used for several weeks. Once this is complete, your child will wear special foot braces for an extended period of time to prevent the problem from returning. Let our team at Carolina Podiatry Group take care of your child’s clubfoot today. Just call (803) 285-1411 for our Lancaster, SC, office, or (803) 548-FEET for our Indian Land, SC, location.

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