Carowinds—home of some of the best roller coasters in the country—kicks off the first annual Run and Ride series in Indian Land, SC, on September 12 and 13 (2015) with three running events to choose from. After your lungs are done screaming, your mouth can too! At the finish of every running event is a discounted entry to the amusement park waiting just for you. In fact, half-marathoners get in free!

While this might cause your adrenaline to go up, perhaps your bunions are bringing you down. You don’t have to let bunion pain stop you from having fun, though. With a few home treatment tips, you can keep discomfort at a minimum and good times at a maximum.

First off, make the right shoe choices. Your footwear should be roomy, with a wide and deep toe box, a low heel, and good arch support. Orthotics can help disperse the pressure and provide additional comfort and stability. If you’re getting ready for the running event, do some cross-training to lessen pressure on your foot. Swimming and biking are great options.

Moleskin, felt, or padding placed over the painful bump can ease the friction on the bump. Anti-inflammatory medicine and ice packs can relieve pain before and after the race.

Bunion pain doesn’t have to stop you from doing the fun activities you enjoy. Baby that bunion, and you can run and ride and scream all you want.

For more home treatment tips, just call (803) 548-FEET in Indian Land, SC, or (803) 285-1411 in Lancaster. Brandon Percival, DPM, Julie Percival, DPM, and William Harris IV, DPM, are here to keep the good times rolling, helping you coast along pain-free. Visit Carolina Podiatry Group today.

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