How much do you really know about your town? On Saturday, October 18 you can find out all kinds of interesting facts on the Downtown History Walk through the streets of Lancaster. Starting at the First Baptist Church at 10:00 am, join the guided tour and the fun—it’s for a good cause too! All proceeds go toward providing meals for seniors in need. If you’re recovering from a broken bone in your foot, not to worry. By following these guidelines, you’ll be feeling good enough to get back on your feet and walking around before you know it.

A fracture takes an average of three months to completely heal, so even though you can likely return to activity after 6 to 8 weeks of rest, it is critical that you start back slowly and gradually build. Stop if you feel any pain at all—it’s a warning that you’re not ready.

Once healing is well on its way, physical therapy is key to continued recovery and the first step toward getting back to a normal activity level. These exercises increase flexibility in the joints, as well as build the muscles and tendons that have been dormant since the fracture occurred. Poor biomechanics that may have led to the break can also be addressed. Plus, exercise increases blood flow, which helps to speed up recovery. Simple ways to start may be flexing your foot and writing the alphabet in the air with your big toe.

Prior to exercise, try stepping into a whirlpool or using a heating pad for a few minutes to loosen foot muscles, and ice afterward to prevent swelling. Cross-training with low impact activities like swimming and biking is also recommended.

For more tips on recovering after a broken bone, contact Brandon Percival, DPM, Julie Percival, DPM, and William Harris IV, DPM at Carolina Podiatry, Inc. in SC. Dial (803) 548-FEET for Indian Land, or (803) 285-1411 for Lancaster. We’ll get you back on track so you can get to the History Walk and any other activities you’d like to enjoy.

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