My favorite time of year is here! Christmas has always been a special time for my family. We enjoy  spending time together and of course on Christmas eve when Santa visits each house. I remember my children always asking, “What if Santa falls down the chimney or off the top of the house?”  The first thing that comes to my mind is a calcaneal fracture, or a heel bone fracture. The heel bone is usually injured from a fall or a vehicle crash. The calcaneus, or heel bone, is the most frequently fractured tarsal bone making up 60% of adult foot fractures.  Not only does the fracture occur, often more times than not, you damage the subtalar joint which can cause stiffness.

So, if the jolly round man in a red suit does fall from your rooftop or slides down your chimney a little too quickly, there are a few common symptons of a calcaneal fracture. The obvious symptoms are pain, bruising, swelling and the inability to put weight on the heel or walk. In some minor fractures, you may not feel enough pain to keep you off of your foot. This is because when you walk, the Achilles tendon acts through the calcaneus to support a person’s body weight.  Either way, you want to see your podiatrist as quickly as possible. Your doctor will examine your foot and conduct other tests to confirm your diagnosis. X-rays or a CT scan would be needed as well. There are several treatment options depending on the severity of the fracture. Casting or immobilization may be an option. These will keep the broken bones in the correct position while they heal. Surgical treatmet is another possibility. If you have displaced bones, surgery might be your only option. There are several surgical approaches that can be performed depending on the type of fracture.

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