November is a time to remember, as the Veterans Day parade in downtown Lancaster on Saturday, November 8, highlights so clearly. This event is a way for our community to celebrate and honor past, present, and future veterans and thank them for their service. Standing and walking around during the event may be uncomfortable if you’re struggling with heel pain, though. There are many causes of heel pain, and identifying the source of yours can help you treat it appropriately.

The different causes of heel pain do have a few things in common. They can be the result of a sudden accident or overuse for a period of time. The condition can involve damage to the heel bone or be the result of problems in the tissues attached to the heel. You can feel the discomfort mostly underneath the foot or more behind it.

However, specific conditions both affect different structures and are caused by different things. Plantar fasciitis is the most common culprit. It’s a stiffening and swelling of the plantar fascia band and causes an ache underneath the heel bone. Achilles tendinitis is another frequent source of discomfort. It’s a problem with inflammation and thickening in the Achilles tendon, which creates pain at the back of the heel bone.

These aren’t the only causes of heel pain, of course. Stress fractures in the bone tissue can cause significant discomfort whenever you put weight on the foot. Retrocalcaneal bursitis has many of the same symptoms as Achilles tendinitis, though it affects different soft tissues. A pinched nerve may create a burning or tingling sensation in the heel. Arthritis stiffens the back of the foot and makes using it uncomfortable. Haglund’s deformity makes wearing many types of shoes very painful.

There are other conditions that can create pain in the heel, too. Tumors, gout, tarsal tunnel syndrome, worn-down heel pads, and other issues can all be culprits. The key to eliminating the discomfort and enjoying your activities without pain is to diagnose your specific issue correctly. Let our staff at Carolina Podiatry Group in Lancaster, Rock Hill, or Indian Land, SC, help with this. Just call to make an appointment—(803) 285-1411 for the Lancaster office or (803) 548-FEET for the Indian Land location—or use our website to reach us.

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