Although bunions can only be “corrected” via surgery, stretching is often an important component of a non-surgical approach we use to provide pain relief, as well as help you to limit the progression of the deformity. A good exercise and stretching routine for your feet and toes will help you preserve flexibility in the joint and strengthen muscles that support and move the affected toe.

Typical exercises may include:

  • Toe stretches, flexes, and contraction to keep you limber and provide pain relief
  • Resistance exercises using a towel, belt, or resistance band
  • Rolling a golf ball underfoot to relax muscles, fighting strain and cramping
  • Gripping exercises, such as towel curls and picking up small objects such as marbles, to work on strength and flexibility

For a comprehensive approach to bunion relief, talk to the experts at Carolina Podiatry Group. You can request an appointment online, or call us today at 888-569-9559.

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