Orthotics are often an ideal treatment option for people with high arches. In some cases, simple over-the-counter padded insoles may bring pain relief, although you’ll usually get the best results with a custom orthotic device.

Custom orthotics are created from a mold of your foot and are specially designed to address your unique foot concerns and problems. For a person with high arches, the right orthotic can provide extra support for your arches, additional stability for your ankles, and the extra cushioning you’ll need to distribute impact forces and minimize pain. They can even help you correct or accommodate for associated gait abnormalities or mechanical flaws that may lead to pain or injury while running or playing sports.

If your high arches are causing you pain or contributed to an injury, please visit the experts at Carolina Podiatry Group for evaluation and treatment. With experience in a wide variety of both conservative and surgical treatment options, they’ll help craft the best possible approach for your situation. Request an appointment online, or call 888-285-1411.

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