We’re approaching spring break time here in Lancaster, SC, which you can be sure has every teen excited. Most students are more than ready for a break from school! This break is a chance for them to relax, enjoy time with friends, and to take care of issues that are bothering them—like bunion pain. Bunions are one of those problems that need time and treatment to relieve the discomfort.

Although normally an adult problem, bunion pain is not limited by age. Children and teenagers can develop this forefoot deformity. The problem is caused by a structural weakness in the foot that allows the big toe and its first metatarsal to slide out of alignment under pressure and stress. Additional foot factors can make the deformity more likely, such as wearing bad shoes, having flat arches, and significant overpronation.

Bunions are one of those conditions that get worse the longer they go untreated. Eventually they can contribute to a whole host of other uncomfortable problems that no teen wants to live with, like arthritis and hammertoes. The only way to stop or slow the progression of the problem and relieve your teen’s bunion pain is to help him or her get the right treatment.

The good news is that the right treatment is usually conservative and simple. Here are a few methods that may help:

  • Orthotics – These prescription inserts can correct biomechanical problems and add extra support to your teen’s feet so issues like low arches and overpronation don’t put as much pressure on the forefoot.
  • Wear good shoes – High heels, pointed toe boxes, and narrow styles can make the bunion deformity worsen and aggravate the bump, causing more pain. The right shoes have plenty of support instead, and are wide enough that they don’t stress the bulge.
  • Padding the bump – Sometimes just putting a layer of protection between the bulge and your shoes can help minimize your discomfort.

We might recommend youth-safe anti-inflammatory medications as well, particularly if your teen has more persistent discomfort. It’s rare for a teen to have so much bunion pain that he or she needs surgery, but it can happen. Don’t discount the importance of taking care of a bunion deformity right away. Our team at Carolina Podiatry Group can help. Just use our website to make an appointment today. You can also call us: (803) 548-FEET for Indian Land, or (803) 285-1411 in Lancaster.

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